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  • Gareth Barrett

Design Thinking - the way of the future?

In today’s market and the markets of the near future companies cannot continue to make decisions based on their traditional thought process. Design is far more than the visual aspects of a company’s products, services and marketing. Design thinking should be applied to both strategy and innovation, and in some of the top-per

forming companies it is, and that is part of what makes them top-performing organizations.

When we really think about design, take the time to truly assess it, design at its heart is about people. How we move through places, how we interact with them, how they make us feel. Take a look around, the chair your sitting on, the phone in your hand, the website your browsing, all of these have been carefully designed and thoughtfully executed by designers to provoke a response. When design thinking is fully embedded and embraced into a company culture it can benefit from a true understanding of its clients, knowledge sharing, engagement with customers, a shared language, helping with efficiencies and communication, understanding their influencers, behaviours and demographics and in turn create greater revenue.

From architectural, industrial, automotive to communication design, good designers have all understood the need to connect their creation back to the basics of human engagement. Applying this design thinking throughout organizations is proving its value in so many ways. Maybe it’s time we all had a really good look to see how much Design Thinking we have in our businesses and everyday working life.

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