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The Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) Perth is a 33,000m/s retail joint venture development for Vicinity Centres and Perth Airport Authority on a greenfield site within the Perth Airport Authority Land, Western Australia. The outlet houses 113 tenants, with a mix of speciality, premium, food and beverage and kiosks, with over 1500 on-grade parking spaces, and a number of future development stage sites designated. 

Originally brought on through the contractor at the request of the client we were tasked with the design management of the project with some key tasks over and above the standard design management works. We needed to work to provide program saving options through design smarts, save some not insignificant costs, bring the project back in line with the pre-approved board budget and to look at options of getting to site within a short timeframe all while maintaining the approved design. 


This was achieved with great success. To this order, the client then brought us on to continue through to the end of the project to maintain consistency and full design management. To this end along with an excellent collaborative team we brought in the project on time, under budget, 100% leased and 100% open on the target opening day. An achievement that is unheard of in this current market. 

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